© Jérémie Jung
© Jérémie Jung

Jérémie Jung

Photographer based in Paris
Represented by Signatures agency.
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Get my book "Au large du temps" (about Setomaa and Kihnu)
Prefaced by Katrina Kalda (text french and english)

+33.6 73 74 69 60
monsieur {a.t.} jeremie {d.o.t.} eu

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10/04 - 31/05/2018, Exhibition "Jérémie Jung. Photographies d'Estonie":
Kihnu and Setomaa, Foyer de L'auditorium, Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France.
03/05 - 19/05/2018, Exhibition and launch of my book:
Au large du temps (Imogene editions), Signatures, 70 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, Paris, France.
19/01 - 19/02/2018, Rucka Art residency:
Juvenile Detention Center, Cēsis, Latvia.
07/01/2018, Planète Géo, France Info:
Interview Radio, Planète Géo, France Info.
06/11 - 14/12/2017, Exhibition "Les Visas de L'ANI":
"Setomaa, un royaume sur le fil", Gobelins – L’Ecole de l’Image, Paris, France.
30/09 - 12/11/2017, Exhibition "L'Oeuil en Seyne":
"Setomaa, un royaume sur le fil / Kihnu, l'île des mères veilleuses", Villa Tamaris , La Seyne-sur-Mer, France.
06/09/2017, ANI PixTrakk Award:
"Setomaa, un royaume sur le fil", Visa pour l'image, Perpignan, France.
19/07 - 15/09/2017, Exhibition:
"Kihnu - The Isle of Women", 12 Star Gallery, London, UK.
05/06 - 13/10/2017, Portfolio selected for the Roger Pic award:
"Setomaa, un royaume sur le fil", La Scam, Paris, France.
19/06 - 29/06/2017, Exhibition:
"Kihnu - The Isle of Women", United Nations, Geneva, Swizerland.
31/01/2017, Nominee for the HSBC award for photography:
"Setomaa, un royaume sur le fil", HSBC, Paris, France.
17/12/2016, Nominee for the 3rd Diapero award:
"Setomaa, un royaume sur le fil", MAIF Social Club, Paris, France.
18/11 - 31/12/2016, Exhibition at "Les Boréales festival":
"Setomaa, un royaume sur le fil", Abbaye-aux-Dames, Caen, France.
11/11/2016, Published in National Geographic:
"A Fairytale Kingdom Faces Real-Life Troubles"